Huy Dinh

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FoxNext Games: June 2017 - Current

Marvel Strike Force- Art Director/Project Lead

  • Oversee all art, including marketing, and create and design the visual art style and 2d/3d pipeline

  • Manage the licensing relationship with Marvel to obtain various approvals and maintain brand quality

  • Oversee the entire art scheduling, including coordinating with producers, and manage the budget for the same

  • Mentor and advise artists to further their skills and career development

  • Helped build the Art Department, including hiring internal and external staff and managing outsourcing

Kabam/Tapzen: June 2013 - June 2017

Unannounced Mobile Game- Art Director/Project Lead

  • Managed and coordinated the entire Art Department, including internal/external staffing and outsourcing

  • Created and designed the visual art style and 2d/3d pipeline

  • Oversaw the entire project, including working closely with senior staff and all department leads

This Means War- Art Director

  • Helped coordinate 2d art in day to day tasks

  • Worked closely with Studio Art Director and Senior Producer and Design

Zynga Los Angeles: Jan 2009 - 2013             

Empires & Allies and CoasterVille- Franchise Art Director

  • Created and designed the visual art style and 2d pipeline, and helped coordinate 2d and 3d artists

  • Worked closely with the Studio Art Director, Senior Producer, and Design Department

Electronic Arts Los Angeles: Oct 2003 - 2009                 

Unannounced RTS- Senior Concept Artist/Art Lead

  • Created and designed the visual art style as the primary artist and worked directly with the Senior Producer

Camacho- Senior Concept Artist

  • Created several key characters and two “inspirational” background paintings

Command and Conquer-Red Alert 3 and Uprising expansion- Senior Artist

  • Built characters, props, and buildings, and fully integrated them into the game

BoomBlox: Spielberg Wii puzzle block game- Senior Production/Concept Artist

  • Helped prototype original sets and was responsible for characters from modeling, texturing, and rigging

  • Worked closely with the Art Director to polish initial designs and with outsourcing during initial production

Medal of Honor Airborne XBOX 360- Vehicle Lead

  • Led the creation and design of all high-end vehicles for the game and painted nose-art/pinup works

  • Wrote art documents, reviewed art for various projects, and trained internal and external artists

Medal of Honor Vanguard PS2- Senior Artist

  • Assisted in finalizing game

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault PC & Medal of Honor European Assault PS2- Level Lead

  • Created 3-d/2-d assets for environment backgrounds for in-game levels

Taldren Inc.: June 2002 to Sep 2003

 Black 9 XBOX- 3-d Modeler/Texture artist

  • Created 3d characters, vehicles, and environments in Autodesk 3ds Max, and painted textures in Photoshop


Art direction/management; art fundamentals (2d, 3d, Photoshop); preproduction; game engines; outsourcing


The Art Institute of California-Orange County: Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation.   


WEEARTS (convention and gallery artist, fan art showcased in multiple articles and social media)

Autodesk (instructed two-part character creation Maya master class at Siggraph 2007 with Shinichiro Hara)

Freelance Artist (2d and 3d artwork)

Clients included Fox, Technicolor, Cory Road Entertainment, Supergiant Games, RobotUnderdog, Ismahawk